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The company

The history of our company has always been strictly bound with the beautiful area in which we live; starting from the name, a tribute to Sassello, a green area of the Ligurian Apennines that claimed its confectionery vocation since the mid nineteenth century with the handmade production of the traditional Amaretto Morbido.

So we couldn’t help but committing ourselves into creation of sweets. Thanks to a brilliant intuition Augusto Cavallero – founder of La Sassellese – invented the Canestrellino, a mini delicacy that is eaten in one bite and that is the smaller version of the Canestrello, a local sweet of the Ligurian tradition. Creative and innovative: he also deserves the credits for having been the first who introduced in the 70s the flow-pack packaging of the Amaretto.

From then on, our production will be mostly characterized by the great success of the Canestrellino along with the classic Amaretti Morbidi. But our sweet creativity doesn’t stop here: everyday we take out of the oven many other delicious specialities, all inspired to the excellent tradition of Sassello.

In 1994 ADR spa has established. From then on the great appreciation of the products and their wide diffusion also abroad have supported a high growth, still now characterized by a high quality level of the products and a careful selection of raw materials. These values, although they are in a modern industrial system, remained intact as in the original handmade production. This is the real secret of the philosophy signed La Sassellese.

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