prodotti dolci amaretti biscotti sassellese


We offer you a so wide range of delicacies, that you could lose your head trying to choose which one to try first. Define them as products is an understatement: La Sassellese everyday takes out of the oven delicious cakes, fine pastry and fragrant sweetness of the Ligurian tradition.

Our proud is surely the delicious and innovative Canestrellino, so small and delicate that can be eaten in one bite; but we know how to delight you also with all the other sweet jewels, from the tasty chocolate-covered Canestrellini, and the voluptuous Amaretti morbidi to the rich Baci di Sassello, those that melt in your mouth.

At this point you have two choices: you can comfortably taste them at home, or you can come to us and meet personally the sweetness of our products and of our lands. We are waiting for you in our Pastry Shop, just in the center of the village.
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