La Sassellese: land of sweetness
Amaretti, Baci, Canestrellini

There's a special place, in the green and fragrant Ligurian mountains, where flavours are still true.
Its name is Sassello: each morning everyone wakes up inebriated by a delicious fragrance, because the heart of the valley is the reign of La Sassellese.

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The quality of our products is not only good.
It's excellent.

We like to define us as a traditional industry: all our specialities are made following the recipes of the past and have the same taste of the ancient times. Not only we select the best, healthy, genuine and preservative-free ingredients, but we also adopted all the international norms in order to offer our consumers 100% guaranteed products.

Marchio Qualità nocciole IGP
Marchio Gustosi per natura
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Certificazione ISO 9001
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